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Shot using the classic Hollywood ‘day for night’ technique , the austerely elegant works depict the Perito Moreno glacier in Argentina from varying angles, unearthing a series of ambiguous landscapes that play on light, tone, texture and scale. The photographs capture a serene stillness in time and space while simultaneously revealing a glacial underworld heaving with life force.

'GLACE NOIR' introduces dark, inky tones juxtaposed with puddles of celestial blues that exude an almost intergalactic aesthetic. Invoking a sense of ambiguity as to the time and place of each photo, the artist emphasises the notion of day as night and night as day with interchangeable light that outlines mystery and intrigue in each depiction.

JULY 4 - 16, 2017


Award-winning photographic artists Rob Love and SoonHoe have joined forces to create awareness about the evidently diminishing shorelines of the Asia-Pacific region in this conceptually vivid exhibition titled Shrinking Shores.

Love photographs the natural interplay of water and light on the Brighton shores in Victoria, while Soonhoe portrays the synchronised movement between water and sea life on the Malaysian coastline. Equally emotive works that help us recognise the importance of the environment and its fragility.

JULY 18 - AUG 6 2017