Future Shows


Illume + Momen - Is a joint exhibItion by two Melbourne artists - ROB LOVE and SOON HOE.

SoonHoe uses photography as a medium of artistic expression. His emphasis is on in-camera techniques to create an artwork that is less like a conventional photograph and more akin to a sketch or painting. Rob Love creates breathtaking photographs of the natural interplay of water and light. The images are captured by applying slightly extended shutter speeds and without the use of image enhancing software. Rob Love has an affinity to light and its interplay with the natural environment.

JUNE 14 - JULY 3


BLACK EYE IS PROUED TO PRESENT The work of Chris Walters. Chris writes - It’s those little details of a place that give you a special feeling that’s hard to describe, like a misty sunset, the stillness of the ocean, low lying clouds, or rolling hills doused in sunlight. When isolated, these details evoke sensations of place without being tied to one particular place. I want these images to be calming to look at, so subtle you can get lost in them, if so to recreate a feeling felt at a place. Keeping my composition strict throughout the series those feelings are isolated and almost individualized when presented together.

JULY 4 - JULY 24 2016

GERMANE by Clare Mc Shanag

Clare Mc Shanag creates art to channel her inner and outer awareness as an expression of creation and colour - spilling out into image. Her vision is to convert her passion into a medium that ignites a very fuelling and awakening experience for the eyes of the beholder.
A germane visual explosion - relevant to life or to subject under consideration, to our human-ness. Her work is very personal, she invites the viewer to have you look closer into the image to reveal the fine detail that unfolds upon each viewing.

JULY 26 - AUG 7 2016