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Moving beyond the highly polished images of commercial architectural photography, Black Lines 2017 surveys a wide selection of photographs of the built environment. The exhibition takes the viewer on a journey in which the urban landscape becomes a geometric field of colour, lines and shapes to be played with or radically reduced using principles of design common to both the architect and photographer.

BLACK LINES 2017 will show work from sixteen architectural image makers. We are also delighted to have Polly Seidler (Harry Seidler & Associates) introduce this years show (7pm).

AUG 8 - AUG 20, 2017


Liminal: Relating to a transitional or initial stage of a process, or occupying a position at or on both sides of, a boundary or threshold. (Oxford Dictionary)

The series of photographic images proposes an encounter with the liminal image in construction, where there is an exploration and interaction with the blurred boundaries between the real and imaginatively unreal, and images that are in a process of slow and gradual emergence.

AUG 23 - SEPT 3, 2017

WABI- SABI by Damien Drew

WABI-SABI presents a unique perspective of modern day Japan that celebrates the transient and understated beauty of the modest, imperfect, ephemeral or decaying.

Damien is an Art Director and Production Designer whose feature film credits include Alien Covenant, The Great Gatsby, Superman Returns, Star Wars and The Matrix films. He studied Architecture at UNSW and he is driven by a passion for visual story telling.

SEPT 5 - SEPT 24, 2017