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‘GOLD’ by Sydney based photographer Stuart Miller is a unique series of stills using gold as a symbol to represent the complex trickery that we are subjected to in our daily lives. Millers striking body of work considers the tangled relationship which unites the rawness of humanity and the manufactured world that is built on gluttony.

A multifaceted exhibition, ‘Gold’ is presented with large scale images in both portraiture and still life.

SEPT 27 – OCT 9


Nick Brandt is easily one of our most remarkable modern day photographers, his work presenting a complex and deep portrait of Africa, mixing awe, beauty and sympathy. It is through his keen photographers eye and respect for nature that Nick has observed a troubling pattern: "The destruction of the natural world was occurring at an alarming rate — faster than my already pessimistic imagination could have anticipated," Brandt states.
His latest series Inherit the Dust is a stark yet poignant salute to this rapidly declining natural world, to be exhibited by Source Photographica at Black Eye Gallery

12 Oct - 23 Oct