Future Shows

GERMANE - Clare Mc Shanag

Clare Mc Shanag creates art to channel her inner and outer awareness as an expression of creation and colour - spilling out into image. Her vision is to convert her passion into a medium that ignites a very fuelling and awakening experience for the eyes of the beholder.
A germane visual explosion - relevant to life or to subject under consideration, to our human-ness. Her work is very personal, she invites the viewer to have you look closer into the image to reveal the fine detail that unfolds upon each viewing.

JULY 26 - AUG 7 2016


Black Eye Gallery are proud to present the official Australian book launch and exhibition of 'Rage Against The Light” by Sydney based artist Markus Andersen. Markus writes - 'Rage Against The Light' explores my intoxication with natural light and the darkness / dark corners created from this light. Subjects caught in the dual forces of light and shadow remain at the heart of the work, the interplay of these elements within the architecture or landscape create order from discordance. 'Rage Against The Light' emphasizes the dramatic nature of intense or subdued light and my continued relationship and fascination with the subject.

AUG 9-AUG 21 2016


Jacqui Dean reveals Australia's flora, native and introduced in radical new ways with the use of Xrayograms. Jacqui has exhibited widely, including solo and group exhibitions at the 2014, 2013, 2012 and 2011 Head On Photo Festivals in Sydney; Ballarat Photography Festival; Gallery 1140, Malvern Victoria, the 2011 Loupe Awards in Melbourne, and successive Canon Australian Professional Photography Award exhibitions over the past two decades. In 2008 she won the Australian Editorial Photographer of the Year, AIPP, and in 1996 won the Australian Commercial Photographer of the Year and the Val Foreman Award, AIPP.

AUG 23 - SEPT 11


‘Concrete’, a series of large scale prints, represents both an extension of and departure from Rhiannon Slatter’s architectural photography. Her fascination with scales of production in industry has led her to study the prefabricated concrete forms which appear frequently in our landscape and continue to multiply - simple, austere shapes which represent large scale, fast construction methods themselves while also serving as containers for industrial production.

SEPT 12 - SEPT 25