Living in the Shadows is a multimedia photographic project supported by last years Pool Grant awarded to documentary photographer, David Maurice Smith. This intimate account will fittingly be on display during Reconciliation Week and offers a better understanding of contemporary Aboriginal culture by documenting the Barkindji Aboriginal community of Wilcannia, NSW.

The Barkindji live in the deep shadows of the stereotypes attached to being indigenous in this country. Despite being traditional keepers of a prosperous country, they endure conditions comparable to many third world nations. As a result, public perception of their community and culture is often limited to these stereotypes, a familiar story of self-destruction and hopelessness that is easily documented. The goal of this project is to explore not only the obvious challenges of the Barkindji people, but also to cast light on the cultural fabric that perseveres. Beyond the struggle, the Barkindji move on, their community and their culture through a balance of the past, present and future.

MAY 27- JUNE 1