Following in the footsteps of the legendary erotic photographer Helmut Newton, and fashion photographers such as Richard Avedon, Irving Penn, and Peter Lindberg, Richard Avery is one of the brightest, most gifted new stars to appear on the adult and erotic scene in over a decade. Although his style and abilities continue to evolve, Mr. Avery’s fresh approach to the use of models, lighting, camera angles, wardrobe and make-up, along with today’s most advanced digital imaging technologies, allow him to capture the beauty and seduction of the human form in the most artistic, erotic, and yet unexpected ways.

After first surfacing in New York in the mid 1990’s, Avery’s early photography was described as “brilliant, innovative, imaginative, ageless and hip” by both art and fashion critics the world over.  While his photographs brought him instant commercial success as well as a growing reputation and legions of fans, Avery’s work also brought him an admirer that would change his world forever – Juli Ashton.

World-renowned adult entertainment icon and head of Ashton View Promotions, Juli Ashton, discovered Avery’s work during one of her many visits to New York and was able to arrange a meeting with the young artist. She had initially been attracted by Richard’s remarkable fashion photography that always seemed to have an erotic twist and immediately sensed that the young artist’s future might lay in a slightly different, somewhat more provocative direction.

It was in January of 2006 when the highly anticipated partnership of Ashton and Avery finally came to a culmination and the ever exclusive,, was created.  Contemporary, stylish, clean, sexy, nasty and most of all fun, has reinvented the genre of erotic media. And the crazy universe of Juliland would be absolutely nothing without Avery. He’s not only devilishly handsome and outrageously talented, but he¹s an excellent chef, lover, and the sickest fuck you will ever meet. It’s because of these qualities and his killer instincts that have allowed Juliland to become an unstoppable-force, as seen in the creation of JulilandTV, Snog&Shag, and 7 Minutes in Heaven w/Lexi Belle. In the words of Richard Avery, “Juliland is much more than a website or a place to find naked grrls, it’s a family and an experience. It’s like Disneyland for adults. How can you not want to come inside? Pun intended.”

Today (if you’re lucky), you can find Richard based in Los Angeles, constantly traveling the globe, seeking and shooting new and established talent for his diverse film, web and publishing projects. The big thing about Richard is that he¹s passionate and really loves what he is doing. When we had a chance to catch him running out of the Juliland lair, he told us quickly that “If it¹s not going to be fun, then I¹m not showing up!” It’s words such as these that allow us to alwayshave fun here in the Juliland Universe with the grrls, the mess, and the glam. — Scarlett Stone